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Learning mobility of Quality Network memebers in Spain

The mobility activities funded by Erasmus+ aim to provide learning opportunities for individuals and to support the internationalisation and institutional development of VET providers and other organisations in the VET sector.  As part of the activities in the National Reference Point (NRP) Eqavet, we are implementing short-term learning mobility for policymakers and stakeholders from October 2022.

On 25-27 October 2022, we travelled to Spain together with ŠIOV Director Branislav Hadar and colleagues from the Self-government of Banská Bystrica and Prešov – Silva Mašlárová and Miroslav Vašek. 

The main objective of the mobility was to acquire new knowledge about the quality assurance of VET in another EU Member State at a national, regional and institutional level. In addition, mobility allows the establishment and develop cooperation with organisations and individuals necessary for improving the quality of VET and building relationships, which are also essential, for example, in the implementation of Centres of Excellence (CoVE).

On an opening day, we had a working meeting with colleagues from NRP Eqavet Madrid, who gave us an overview of the functioning of the education system in Spain and which organisations are responsible for VET policy. In addition, we discussed the differences in the 17 regions and learned about the latest developments in VET and legislative changes. 

On the second day of the mobility, we visited a vocational secondary school in Usurbile (USURBILGO LANDIBE ESKOLA). It teaches in 5 disciplines: Business and Finance, Electricity and Electronics, Efficient Management of Natural Resources, Mechanical Engineering and Installation and Maintenance. The Usurbile Vocational Secondary School focuses mainly on the dual education system, the lifelong learning system and support for the long-term unemployed. The added value of the school is the strong emphasis on quality cooperation with employers and the Centre of Excellence and the implementation of their requirements towards the needs of the labour market. An interesting feature was, for example, the information system that we had the opportunity to see during the tour of the school. It records the functioning, activities, movements and outputs of pupils in practical classes, thus preparing pupils to function in the real conditions of modern companies and providing an excellent database of data and progressive data for masters and teachers.

On the final day, we had the biggest experience planned, a tour of one of the best centres of excellence in Europe. TKNIKA – Centre for Applied Research in Vocational Education and Training collaborates with all vocational education and training centres in the Basque Country. TKNIKA collaborates with all the actors of the strategic triangle at the regional and international levels to make research and applied innovation the cornerstone of VET in these six areas: – Technological Innovation and Smart Systems; – Management; – Learning for High Performance; – Applied Innovation and Strategic Settings; – Internationalization; – Life Sciences and Sustainability.

The Centre is dedicated to the development and implementation of innovations for secondary vocational schools, vocational education and training centres, businesses and employers. TKNIKA is supported by the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training of the Basque Country. One of the main objectives of the Centre is the transfer of knowledge and skills. However, at TKNIKA they do this in a unique way. They educate and inspire teachers from secondary vocational schools, who transfer the knowledge and skills they have acquired to schools. As a result, the schools are delivering outstanding results in their sectors and making progress in their direction. Through direct training of educators, the Centre develops innovative projects in technology, education and management.

We have another Job shadowing via Staff learning mobility planned for next year. In February 2023, we will travel to Croatia where we will focus on a tracking system for high school graduates.

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