QUANTUM: QUAlity Networks: fine – TUning Monitoring systems for better performances in VET

The QUANTUM project aims to promote the relevance and effectiveness of vocational education and training (VET) and its contribution to employment in Europe. The intent of the project is to create and test a new monitoring system based on feedback loops and graduate tracing in order to strengthen quality assurance through quality networks in Slovakia, Austria, Italy and Portugal.
The transnational project partnership supported by the Erasmus+ programme will use the peer review method during the implementation of the project, which will foster a cooperation between stakeholders in VET and will provide an oppotunity for mutual learning and professional growth.
The duration of the project is from December 2020 till november 2022.

Project goals
1) create a common graduate tracing system for VET, in order to have a clearer picture of VET graduates and improve the availability of comparable data on employment of VET graduates, as highlighted in the Council Recommendation on the tracing of graduates (2017);
2) to create an appropriate framework for cooperation that will be beneficial to all participants and enable mutual learning,
3) encourage the use of common practices, in particular in the field of adaptation of the peer review method and EQAVET indicators.

Project activities
• creation and piloting of national / regional quality networks that will serve as a systematic model of cooperation between VET providers, policy makers and other target groups
• definition and implementation of a joint monitoring system for quality assurance and relevance of VET in cooperation with various actors,
• implementation of focus group meetings and 4 trainings in the field of quality assurance and peer review

Project outcomes
• the joint monitoring system
• a guidelines for setting up and implementation of quality networks in VET
• capacity building, implementation and sustainability of quality networks
• Recommendations for policy makers at regional and national level