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Blended training in Salzburg, 14th – 16th of July 2021

During the 14th – 16th of July 2021 the Training called QUANTUM Transnational Peers Training on how to Build effective Quality Networks – Capacity Building will be hosted by Austrian partner Ak Salzburg directly in Salzburg. Due to difficulties connected with travelling accross the Europe connected with pandemic, some of the partners will join to the meeting on-line.

The training has several main goals:

  • To increase and expand the knowledges and information of the project staff on quality assurance in vocational educational and training (QA in VET), its mechanism and tools.
  • To find an effective ways how to implement quality networks in project countries on regional and national level.
  • To gather the inputs for the project objective Guidelines for the implementation of the Quality Networks.
  • To share the ideas, experiences and examples of good practice in QA and the networking and collaboration of different stakeholders in the field of QA in VET.

The agenda of the training

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